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I am a principal user experience consultant with User Vision in Edinburgh. I help people make human-centred decisions. My background in social science helps me understand what makes people tick.

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About me

In my spare time I cycle, run and walk to explore new areas. I enjoy watching motorsport, and listening to experimental and electronic music. I am interested in modernist design and brutalist architecture.

I live with my wife and my young daughter.

I am aged in my late 30s.

My pronouns are he/him.



About this website

This is my personal website. I have written blogs since 2002. I seek to retain the spirit of the early web while taking advantage of new approaches. As such, I strive to adhere to indieweb principles, and am working on adopting fediverse technologies.

My approach is underpinned by a desire to write authentically, own my data, network openly and minimise harm.

My views are my own.

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Archives up to 2012 are at doctorvee, vee8 and Stepreo. I also used to compile Scottish Roundup, a weekly digest of Scottish blogging.