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I am a user experience manager based in Edinburgh. My background in social sciences helps me understand what makes people tick. I empower people to adopt human-centred approaches to their work.

Human-centred approaches include user experience, service design, design thinking, interaction design, lean thinking… Anything that puts humans at the centre of our decision-making.

Email: contact@duncanstephen.net

About my work

I am the user experience manager with the University of Edinburgh Website and Communications section. I lead a user experience team that provides consultancy in user research, content design and training, supporting the delivery of human-centred services.

Most of my work history has involved enabling people to pursue more human-centred approaches in the higher education sector, on web projects and in service delivery. I have also worked on digital and research projects for small businesses, in the third sector, in public affairs and government.

My work brings together my interest in web technologies with my background in social sciences. My degree is in economics and politics, and I have a particular interest in behavioural sciences. I enjoy incorporating this knowledge into my work to improve technology-focused services that need to be more human-centred.

About me

My pronouns are he/him.

I live with my wife and my young daughter.

In my spare time I cycle, run and walk to explore new areas. I enjoy watching motorsport, and listening to experimental and electronic music. I am interested in modernist design and brutalist architecture. I am a liberal.

I have written blogs since 2002. Archives up to 2012 are at doctorvee, vee8 and Stepreo. I also used to compile Scottish Roundup, a weekly digest of Scottish blogging.


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