Albon replaces Gasly at Red Bull for Belgian Grand Prix — Keith Collantine — RaceFans

At this stage, I wonder how Helmut Marko gets away with this. His driver/vanity programme is a monumental failure. Pierre Gasly’s demotion to Toro Rosso after only 12 races is just the latest in a trail of destruction wreaked upon drivers ever since Red Bull Junior Team’s inception.

At Toro Rosso he joins Daniil Kvyat, who has also been rejected by Red Bull’s programme multiple times, only to be invited back due to the scheme’s utter dearth of talent.

Meanwhile, Red Bull lack the patience required to build their drivers’ confidence and skill.

Luke Smith’s tweet sums it up neatly:

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2 responses to “Albon replaces Gasly at Red Bull for Belgian Grand Prix — Keith Collantine — RaceFans”

  1. Clive Allen avatar
    Clive Allen

    So the call goes out from the Max Steamroller: Next please! It’s a pity really – Albon has been showing great promise and, given the time to develop, he could be one of the top ten. The likelihood now is that Max will destroy him, not intentionally, but because he’s one of the two best drivers in F1. If Albon puts up a reasonable fight, Ferrari should take note (mind you, that’s a bit of a frying pan/fire scenario, isn’t it?). Nelson Piquet was right about Ferrari – when you win in a Ferrari, it’s because of the car. When you lose, it’s your fault.

  2. At this stage it’s beyond me why any driver would want to be part of this programme. Albon will hope (and expect, as most confident drivers will) to put up a fight against Verstappen. But there’s nothing yet to suggest that he’ll succeed where the likes of Gasly and Kvyat have not.

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