Archives to doctorvee restored

The archives to doctorvee, my old blog, have now been restored. For a couple of months they were unavailable while I was moving hosting company.

Screenshot of doctorvee, from 2013

Screenshot of doctorvee, from 2013

The archive was so large that restoring it was not a trivial matter. I ended up taking the WordPress export file and splitting it into about 20 different files. Each of those files had to be painstakingly put together manually and uploaded one by one.

It would have been so easy to just not bother restoring it. But I am glad I did.

I have recently had a couple of reminders of the doctorvee blog and how fun it was to be actively writing on a variety of topics and getting such a large audience. At their peak, my blogging activities were regularly attracting over 10,000 visits a month.

In the course of restoring the archives, I saw some snippets of the content. I am impressed with what I wrote (some of which I have no recollection whatsoever of writing!), and the comments it was generating.

My relationship with the doctorvee blog and the brand I had built up had become uncomfortable. The blog that I originally started as a 16 year old no longer felt like the right platform. At the same time, other life priorities (like getting a job and my own home) meant that I had less time to dedicate to it.

But blogging opened all of the opportunities up to me. I ended up on the radio and in the newspaper a few times, which was pretty good fun. And the experience I gained in writing and designing blogs is what ultimately led to me becoming a web professional. So it would have been a big shame to just delete the blog and forget all about it.

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