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I fear the writing is on the wall for Valtteri Bottas. It was bad enough that Toto Wolff has now explicitly said he’s considering replacing Bottas with Esteban Ocon.

But when even Bottas himself is talking about having a plan B and plan C, surely the game is up. It’s not just the fact that he’s considering it. That’s only sensible for anyone to do.

But in talking about it, he is exposing his weakness. A more driven individual (even if he is talking to other teams behind the scenes) would surely still say he is fully committed to Mercedes and, determined to retain his drive, and not thinking about anything else.

Talking like this just makes Bottas seem like he’s already thrown in the towel.



  1. I think Valterri knows he’s leaving Mercedes, because it’s not characteristic for him to give this much of the game away. I’d go so far as to guess he has have a signature or pre-signature somewhere else and just be waiting for the embargo to be lifted 😉

  2. I’m not sure, that’s what’s puzzling me. Valterri likes to play his cards close to his chest, so it could be a midfielder outfit… …or it could be WEC or Formula E. I just get the feeling he’s jumping rather than being pushed. Though he probably would be pushed if he wasn’t already jumping, because his is a fearful row to hoe.

  3. Alianora made an interesting point, Formula E. Mercedes are entering the 2019-2020 season, and Toto Wolff has spoken of a “soft landing” for Bottas should he not be retained. But, if Bottas were to be given a seat in Formula One’s retirement home, he would have to compete in the Brazilian Grand Prix, a week later at Formula E’s opener in Saudi Arabia followed by F1’s closing race in Abu Dhabi a week after that. Phew!

    Or, a “soft landing” could be back at Williams, seeings as Racing Point are presumably covered with Stroll and Perez. Other than that it is cutting ties with Mercedes and landing in a Haas or Renault.

    The boring statement though, is don’t drop Bottas. He is a reasonable wing-man, he doesn’t rock the boat, he is scoring reasonably well (although perhaps not recently), he seems to get along with his team mate…

    The exciting statement is drop Bottas and get Ocon into the team. Like Leclerc at Ferrari, he could be the future, he could push Hamilton more, he could be more exciting…

  4. Thanks Ollie. Presumably if Bottas ends up in Formula E next year (which I doubt; surely an F1 team would pick him up), he’d end up doing what Pascal Wehrlein had to do this year — miss the first Formula E race.

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