Crawick Multiverse

Milky Way and Andromeda life mounds

At the weekend, we visited Crawick Multiverse, a land art installation in Dumfries and Galloway designed by Charles Jencks.

David and Christine climbing the ridge

We were relatively close by because we were visiting friends in Strathaven. Alex doesn’t miss an opportunity to see some art, so we made the journey that bit further south.

Life mound representing Andromeda galaxy

Life mound representing Andromeda galaxy

Just a couple of weeks on from Charles Jencks’ death, it also seemed fitting to visit it on its last open day of the season.

Void and Belvedere finger

The Belvedere finger points at Polaris (the north star)

Crawick Multiverse is sited on a former open cast coal mine that had been abandoned for 30 years. Charles Jencks first visited the site in 2005, and the Multiverse was finally opened in 2015.

Alex at stones marking the north/south line

Alex at stones marking the north/south line

As well as Jencks’ trademark life mounds, the Multiverse contains a range of installations evoking stone circles, with names referencing astronomical objects like galaxies and comets.

Sun amphitheatre in the north/south line

Sun amphitheatre in the north/south line

There is a new-age cosmological vibe to the place.

Wide view of the Multiverse

The Multiverse is not quite as well-maintained as other Jencks works I have visited, like Jupiter Artland.

Inside the sun amphitheatre

But it is nevertheless a stunning visit. Massively ambitious, Crawick Multiverse goes above and beyond the life mounds you may have seen in and around Edinburgh.

Comet Collision

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