Derby Street demolitions, Dundee

Bucklemaker Court

Derby Street multis from Dundee Law

Changes are always afoot in Dundee. I recently wrote about the demolition of Tayside House in the centre of Dundee. Closer to where I live, an even bigger change is taking place.

Built in 1971, Bucklemaker Court and Butterburn Court are currently the tallest buildings in Dundee, standing at 23 storeys and 67 metres tall. As you come into Dundee via the Tay Road Bridge, they are easily the most visible structures to rise out of the city’s natural landscape. This is because they were built at the top of the Hilltown, a rather steep road that runs through the geographical centre of the city.

Apparently, the buildings are colloquially nicknamed Dens and Tannadice after the two nearby football grounds. Their blue and orange colours mirror the colours of the local football teams.

These buildings are currently being prepared for demolition, which will take place on 30 June.

I took a series of photographs of the towers, along with the adjacent 1–56 Russell Place, which will also be demolished. It is fascinating seeing these buildings like this, mid demolition. It’s strange to think that in less than a month they will be gone entirely.

Seeing through Russell Place

It is currently possible to see through the partially-demolished Russell Place. Strathmartine Road is visible through the other side.

Church of St Martin

This, the Church of St Martin, is nestled between the two multistoreys. The original building was completed in 1904, but it was rebuilt at the same time as the tower blocks. Despite this, it looks quite different to its towering neighbours. The church remains operational and will not be demolished.

Bucklemaker Court

Butterburn Court

Butterburn Court entrance

Derby Street multis

See the full set of photographs


  1. Came by these pics whilst looking for a date of demolition, no real interest in this area but some great pics there, thank you mate

  2. Frank,

    The time will depend on how smoothly the evacuations go, and on the weather. But reading between the lines it seems likely to be around 11am or 12 noon.

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