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Dronley Wood

Angus and Dundee: 40 Coast and Country Walks coverFor our next walk from the book Angus and Dundee: 40 Coast and Country Walks, we took a trip to Dronley Wood near Auchterhouse.

Unfortunately it was a very foggy day. So it was not a particularly good day for photographs or even trying to see any views at all. That was a shame because the book does say there are some good views around, including to the Sidlaw hills.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this walk through the wood. The fog created a mysterious atmosphere. This was heightened further by the buzzing of the pylons that run straight through the middle of this small forest.

The wide clearing for the pylons provides a great contrast to the more densely wooded areas. And the pylons created the best photo opportunity in the fog, with the overhead power lines appearing to disappear into nowhere.

I will definitely visit again on a clearer day.

Pylons at Dronley Wood


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