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Welcome to my new home.

I’ve decided to change my website address away from .co.uk, mainly because… well… ƒǘçĸ Brexit.

Finding the right new top level domain name was a little tricky. I probably ought to have moved to .com. But I didn’t buy that back in the day because I was cheap, and now some guy who doesn’t use it owns the .com. And because I’m still cheap, I can’t be bothered to pursue it.

I settled on .net, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because I kind of like the retro-futuristic vibe. It harks back a little to the good old days of the web, but not in a cringey way like, for instance, the phrase ‘information superhighway’ or ‘cyberspace’. .net still seems kind of webby, and still kind of cool.

Also, I like .net because it implies a message about networking — reaching out to others and being a part of a community — that those two letters ‘UK’ seem rather antithetical to at the moment.

In the 17 years I’ve been running websites, I have never before actually attempted to change the domain name (beyond things like removing www or moving to https). So I’m a little nervous it’ll all go wrong somehow. But hopefully there won’t be too many bumps along the way.

I’ve taken the opportunity to rethink the design a little bit as well. The previous layout was a bit broken. All the tweaks I made since the last big redesign had kind of stretched it to breaking point. Now, I’ve explored CSS grid for the first time to hopefully make some of those things a little easier. In the end, I’ve rushed this out a bit, so the CSS code is a bit of a nightmare. One to fix later. 😱

Because of all that, I’ve neglected actually posting anything here. That’ll change soon. I’ve got a huge backlog of stuff I want to publish in due course. Holidays going back a year. A bunch of stuff I want to say about design. Regular articles about whatever the hell’s going on in F1 at the moment. And of course, everything about our wedding.

So if you want to know whenever I make an update, subscribe to email updates or the RSS feed.

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