FIA announces major safety changes following serious and fatal crashesKeith CollantineRaceFans

The FIA has announced a series of safety changes, including major improvements to the designs of F1 and other single-seater cars, following investigations of “28 serious and fatal accidents” at circuits during 2019.

It’s easy to talk about “freak accidents”. So it’s reassuring to see that the FIA are proposing a wide range of major safety improvements to cars and circuits. At first glace, the wide range of proposals — from strengthening chassis, to improving run-off areas, to implementing procedures around rejoining the circuit, to automated warning systems — seem largely sensible, and indicate that no stone has been left unturned in the quest to improve safety.

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1 comment

  1. I’m glad the push for safety continues, and most of these are good ideas. The one I have an issue with is automated power reduction. There’s a risk this will send cars out of control if there’s a large disconnect between the speed being done and the speed desired – especially if grip is low and/or tyres are more damaged than expected (I’m thinking more “flat spots” than regular-issue heavy wear).

    Other than that, good work, FIA.

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