New year in Marstrand, Sweden

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Alex and I took a short break over new year to Marstrand in Sweden. Alex’s friend Lovisa is from Sweden, and she has just moved back to Gothenburg with her partner Dan. Lovisa’s family have a holiday home at Marstrand, which is less than an hour’s drive away.

Coastline at Marstrand

The island of Marstrand is in fact inaccessible by road, and requires a short ferry trip to get across. Lovisa told us the ferry is the most expensive form of public transport (per distance) in Sweden.

Group walking on Marstrand

The first day of the visit, we took that ferry across and walked around the perimeter of the island.

Signposts showing the way on our walk

The following day we took a 5 kilometre walk around Lovisa’s home. The weather was rather gloomier than the previous day. But the walk was good fun, and occasionally challenging.

Group standing on rocks at Marstrand

Alex and I had discussed whether we should bring walking boots, and we decided against it. That was definitely the wrong decision for this terrain!

The group pose for a band photo

The group posed for a band photo.

Remnants of the cold war at Marstrand

Of interest was the disused defence equipment that had been set up during the cold war.

For the new year itself, we went back to the island to celebrate in the bars and clubs there.

Seemingly, a lot of Swedish people like to wear tuxedos at new year. I’ll never forget the sight of watching someone in a tuxedo, with a bottle of champagne and a sparkler balanced in one hand, and lighting his cigar with the flare in the other hand.

The bar closed at 2am, but no-one was ready to stop partying…

…so on we went to another club, for another hour or so.

On the ferry on the way back — after 3am — we managed to squeeze in a ceilidh before reaching the other side.

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