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My colleague and boss Stratos Filalithis (as well as recently starting blogging) has recently started listening to podcasts. He has listed some of his recommendations. He says:

I admit I have been very skeptical about how I could fit podcasts in my life. My main issue was that I had to really pay attention and not just “listen” to it. Moreover, I was thinking that podcasts would, partially, replace music in my “listen to relax” time. Following a chat with a friend, though, decided to give it a go and see what happens.

Very quickly, I realized that podcasts are not a replacement of music, but a complementary source of information.

I have listened to podcasts on an almost daily basis for well over 10 years now. I usually walk to and from work, and I go out for a walk almost every lunchtime. This gives me almost 2 hours a day to listen to podcasts, while getting some fresh air and exercise. (Who said I can’t multitask?)

It’s four years since I last wrote about the podcasts I listen to. Do check that post out, because I still listen to many of the same ones.

But a lot of them have changed as well. So here is a selection of my current podcast recommendations, not covered in my previous post.

Voice of Design

A thought-provoking podcast from Mule Design’s Larisa Berger, Erika Hall, and Mike Monteiro. It is relatively early days for this podcast, but it has already provided a great deal of food for thought, from a group of designers I admire.

The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee

I have written about the uniqueness of Iain Lee’s radio programme before. He is simply one of the most fascinating, adventurous and experimental broadcasters at the moment. When other radio stations are becoming increasingly formulaic, or giving a regular platform to horrid racist shits, Iain Lee’s show on TalkRadio is worth cherishing.

This programme doesn’t always work. But what I love about it is that you never know what might be round the corner. You can be crying with laughter one minute, and welling up with sadness the next. You will develop your own love/hate relationship with the regular callers, many of whom are the sort of unique characters you would only hear on a late night timeslot.

This podcast packages up a half hour of highlights from each day’s show, plus bonus podcasts of his interviews.

This is HCD

Fortnightly half-hour interviews with leading practitioners in human-centred design. Recent guests have included Sarah Richards, Sarah Drummond and Gerry McGovern. This is my biggest source of work-related brain food at the moment.


I don’t follow politics as much as I used to. But earlier this year I found myself thinking, “I wish there was a podcast that covered Scottish, British and international politics, that lasted about 30 minutes each week.”

BBC Scotland must have heard me, because they have duly delivered. This podcast has only been going for a few weeks, and I am not yet sure if I will stick with it. There is a little bit too much forced banter for my liking. But this is certainly the closest I’ve found to a politics podcast I want to listen to.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam Buxton is one of the funniest people on the planet. But it has transpired that he is also a surprisingly good interviewer. I don’t always know the person he is speaking to, but I still make a point of listening to each podcast.

These are not traditional interviews, in that the interviewees are often not plugging something. It’s more of a chit-chat about life. Or, as Adam Buxton calls it, a ramble chat.

UX Podcast

Interviews with leading user experience practitioners, and discussion of hot topics in the worlds of user experience and design. This is similar to This is HCD above, with a subtly different focus. One of the most interesting recent episodes has been an in-depth discussion around accessibility issues.

What podcasts are you listening to at the moment?


  1. If you find the world of startups interesting and the story behind how technology business have grown try: Ground Up by Databox (available via SoundCloud.com)

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