Open/Close, Dundee’s new street art trail, takes you where you wouldn’t expect to go

Artwork on Dundee's Open/Close street art trail

There is a new street art trail in Dundee. Open/Close consists of 18 doors painted by 18 different artists.

They are all found down alleyways you would otherwise walk past. In fact, I did this tour with three other people. We have each spent years either living or working in Dundee. The route was almost entirely new to all of us, despite being bang in the city centre.

The idea is to get people walking through “unexplored nooks and crannies” in the city. The truth is, most of these alleyways are rough as hell. The website reminds people to “Please be careful and stay aware of your surroundings”. We certainly found some interesting goings on in one or two of the locations. A pair of jeans hanging from some barbed wire — something I thought only happened in the Beano.

It’s still a very cool trail though. Hats off to Fleet Collective for organising it, and the businesses who allowed their back doors to be used for this.

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