Review: Jim Tavaré: From Deadpan to Bedpan

I am a little young to have seen Jim Tavaré live before — he last played the Fringe 20 years ago. But I used to watch his TV show on Channel 5 way back when, and I always enjoyed his daft jokes and his double bass routine (it’s amazing how much humour can be extracted out of one musical instrument).

Last year Jim Tavaré almost died in a road accident. So he is back at the Fringe to tell the story — and seemingly to help make himself better. He told the Herald that working on this show saved his life as he suffered depression during his rehabilitation.

Like any good comedian, Jim Tavaré finds the humour in his life-changing event. This show is funny and heartwarming. But most of all, it is an honour to see this legend alive and well, making a good recovery, and at the same time reinventing himself without the double bass.

This is a free show, and the queue was long. So turn up early to make sure you get in. We only just made it, and I’m glad we did.

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