Review: What Girls Are Made Of

I really enjoyed What Girls Are Made Of, which is on at the Traverse Theatre until 26 August. It tells the true story of Darlingheart, a band from Kirkcaldy who ended up touring with Radiohead and Blur, before their album tanked and the record industry spat them back out.

You might be able to detect a few keywords in that paragraph that meant I knew I had to see this show. But even if you’re not from Fife, or 90s music doesn’t mean anything to you, this play is a must-see. Alex, who is not from Fife and doesn’t remember the early 90s, says it’s one of the best things she’s ever seen.

The band’s lead singer, Cora Bissett, is also the play’s writer and lead performer. Perhaps it helps that it’s her own story, but she is highly engaging. Her fellow cast members are also all brilliantly talented in their own ways, both as actors and musicians.

As if the emotions needed stepped up a gear, the performances of early 90s indie/rock classics do so. I have felt nostalgic ever since.

See this if you can! It’s a cliche to say you’ll laugh and you’ll cry. But it’s really true with this play.

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