Robert Kubica will return to Williams F1 in 2019…

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica will return to Williams F1 in 2019…

Analysis from Mark Hughes.

I was always a huge fan of Robert Kubica. So on the one hand it is delightful that he will return to race in F1, eight years on from his horrific rally accident.

But I really hope Williams are doing this for the right reasons. Knowing Williams’s history with drivers, they are probably not doing it for the right reasons.



  1. I’m pretty sure they’re doing it because to go with any other sufficiently competent driver puts them in (more?) danger of going bust, given Sirotkin’s funding is being yanked.

    Not the right reasons, but if Robert wasn’t capable (which is at least some of the right reason), I don’t think they’d have opted to do this because it would simply be a more awkward way to go bust. Sadly, Williams is fighting for survival.

    And I’m happy Robert is finally getting the chance to prove he can do F1 again, something I think he’s been ready for at least 2 years to do. After being denied for reasoning that appeared false (claiming underperformance on a test where Robert outperformed the other Williams drivers) to cover Sirotkin’s much higher budget, that makes me happier – that he wasn’t made to wait for nothing.

    (For the record, if “not the right reasons” includes PR, paddock pressure, psuedopolitics re: defining boundaries of influence to Toto Wolff or supporting charity cases, I’m sure Williams isn’t doing it for any of those reasons. Just for the money).

  2. I hadn’t realised Sirotkin had lost his funding. That does help explain things. Although I’d still think it’s a risk for Williams to go with two new drivers next season, rather than have a bit of continuity (even if that continuity is Sirotkin).

  3. I think Williams would have preferred continuity too. Hence why it’s been announced last week (Sirotkin’s funding got lost about a fortnight ago, when his backer got arrested), rather than some time ago. Surely Williams must have known its views of the respective merits of continuity versus experience – as well as Kubica’s likely funding package compared with Sirotkin’s planned one – for some time.

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