Speaking at UCD Gathering

I’m pleased to be speaking at UCD Gathering, a new virtual conference taking place on 15 and 16 October.

A service design approach to improving student experience

I was originally supposed to be giving this talk physically at UX Scotland, but of course that conference has had to be deferred.

It has been replaced by UCD Gathering, which is designed to bring together communities from a number of conferences covering user experience and service design. I’m pleased to see this new conference breaking down that unnecessary silo between the two labels.

Given the condensed programme, I’m also surprised and pleased to have been offered a session.

It will outline the comprehensive programme of user research the University of Edinburgh’s User Experience Service conducted on behalf of the Learn Foundations project. It will show how, as the project went along, we adopted a service design approach in order to better meet the needs of both students and staff.

I have attended conferences from the same organisers multiple times before. Both UX Scotland and Service Design in Government have been brilliant conferences, and I’m sure UCD Gathering will be as well.

UCD Gathering tickets

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