Tag: Fitness

  • Adapting to the new normal

    One of the (many) strange features of the coronavirus outbreak is that in many ways I feel busier than I have ever been. It is almost three weeks since I was last in my office, yet I haven’t had the time to commit my thoughts to writing.

    A long road ahead, on my long cycle, at Threipmuir reservoir
  • 5k 6–X — The next five parkruns

    In my blog post about my first five parkruns, I told the story of how I unexpectedly beat my 5k personal best at Highbury Fields parkrun. This post outlines what happened in my next five parkruns, where I got some unexpected personal bests and lost a whole run.

    Me and Alex at Christmas Day parkrun
  • This time last week, I ran the Edinburgh MoRun 5k

    This time last week, I ran the Edinburgh MoRun 5k with my friend and colleague Lauren Tormey. For a few hours only, I had a moustache. Definitely not my best look! This is the first time I’ve entered a race. To my surprise, I finished 24th out of the 293 that entered the 5k race, […]

  • Autumn dip

    Over the past few years I have noticed that I always have a distinct dip in the autumn. I feel more tired, I feel less happy, and I think less clearly.

    Diagram of the big dipper constellation
  • Alex took me to Training for Warriors

    Alex took me to Training for Warriors, the high-intensity interval training programme she attends three times a week. Usually it is a women-only session. But today, regulars were invited to bring their male partners with them. Alex was keen for me to see what she gets up to at Training for Warriors. I was a […]

  • Reflections on 2016

    A lot of bad stuff has gone down in the world in 2016. But we still go about our daily lives, which can make the larger global changes seem merely like the cherry on top. Here are some reflections on my 2016.

    Friends looking out over Princes Street Gardens