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  • Busi-ness and blogging in 2024

    A busier life, and recent events on the internet, mean a new direction for my blog.

  • 20 years of blogging

    Today marks the 20th anniversary of my first blog post. Blogging is important to me, but it has seen many changes. The online publishing ecosystem is having a moment right now. So what’s next?

    20 RSS icons laid out across three rows, representing the three different decades I have been blogging through
  • Fears of the IndieWeb

    Fears of the IndieWeb I am toying with the idea of embracing the IndieWeb community and adding some IndieWeb features to this website. This article from Michael Singletary pinpoints one of potential flaws of the IndieWeb, and a reason I have been reluctant to join it. …I’m worried about the long-term survivability of this as […]