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We don’t need a second referendum

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When the NHS has become the world’s largest buyer of fridges — because it needs to stockpile so much medicine.

When the civil service is looking for volunteers — because it expects “sustained and widespread disruption”.

When 3,500 troops are being put on standby — because the government anticipates so much chaos.

Just because the prime minister is so obsessed with stopping foreigners getting into the country.

We don’t need a second referendum.

We need to stop Brexit now.

Freedom of movement should not be just a human right. It should be a basic fact of humanity.

And it’s a nonsense to suggest we only need “skilled” workers. We need low-skilled people just as much.

Not just because businesses need the jobs to be filled.

But also because we should have empathy and understanding for what might drive people to travel such large distances to find work.

And also because we should be thankful and honoured that people would choose to make this country their new home — despite the fact that our government slams the door on their face.

And because having a more diverse community makes all our lives richer.

We don’t need a People’s Vote.

We need to stop Brexit now.

Remember, an unnecessary referendum is what got us into this mess in the first place.

We are supposed to live in a representative democracy. We elect MPs so they can develop expertise and make the big decisions on our behalf.

(Did you notice that the majority of MPs are in favour of remaining in the EU?)

Unnecessary referendums don’t work in a representative democracy. Because if you call one on a matter that carries so much risk, people won’t believe you when you say it’s risky. They won’t understand why you would ever let them make a big decision like this, if the consequences could be so catastrophic. So they fritter our futures away.

A second referendum would have all the same flaws.

In a representative democracy, parliament should take back control and stand up for what’s right.

We need to stop Brexit now.

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