Why the SNP are fairweather friends of freedom

SNP Scottish government

Today the SNP have found themselves speaking in favour of civil liberties. I wish them every success in their attempt to do a deal with libertarian Conservatives to block the UK government’s planned snoopers’ charter.

An SNP MP told the Telegraph, “We think the mass collection of data is wrong. There is a line beyond which it is unacceptable for civil liberties can be impinged.”

That is absolutely correct.

Unfortunately, the SNP are only committed to civil liberties while it can be used as a stick to beat “the Tories” or “Westminster”.

The SNP Scottish government is currently attempting to collect data about Scottish citizens on a massive scale. Under this plan, your personal NHS data will be shared with over 100 government agencies. Once in place, the database will follow you around right down to your use of the Cairngorms National Park Authority.

What’s more, the SNP are attempting to introduce this by the back door, without allowing the plans to be debated in the Scottish parliament.

As usual, the SNP are the masters of saying one thing and doing another; of talking left and acting right.

The Conservative party’s snoopers’ charter is bad. But the SNP’s massive state database is also bad. Neither party can be trusted on civil liberties.

It turns out that it’s one rule for “the Tories” and “Westminster” on civil liberties. But it’s A-OK for the SNP to assault our civil liberties in Scotland.

The SNP’s actions show once again their only principle is to blame the UK for anything and everything in their pursuit of separation. Everything else is subordinate to that.

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