Note — 2022-01-05

I return to work regularly today for the first time in almost 25 weeks.

This was longer than anticipated. My planned parental leave was forcibly extended due to my ankle injury. It was further complicated by my tricky recovery. I have more to say about all of that another day.

I approach today with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. Balancing work with looking after a one-year-old is a whole new normal. For me at least, it makes the changes in working practices due to coronavirus seem small.



  1. Wow, can’t believe you’re back at work already! I hope it goes well and that your near fully recovered.

  2. Duncan, hope your first week gone ok.Maybe in person or maybe you still working from home.
    Youll miss izzy then get your head stuck in work!
    maybe work easier than looking after young baby!
    you will treasure this ist year that youve seen so much of Izzy, i real treat. love karen x

  3. Thanks Karen. I’m working from home at the moment due to current Scottish government guidance. Work will definitely feel like a rest from looking after Izzy!

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