An addition and a loss

Transport for London "Baby on board!" badge on a scrunched up blanket

Alex and I are expecting a second baby!

They are due in early February. But because Izzy was born two and a half weeks early, we are slightly anticipating that her sibling will arrive any time from mid-January.

Izzy is very excited to have a sibling. We are both excited, and rather nervous of the whirlwind to come.

Most people we know who have experienced life with a toddler and a newborn have said that the toddler is harder work. Considering how hard suddenly looking after our first newborn was, that fills me with fear.

Of course, that is all counterbalanced with the knowledge that the joy and the fun times will all be worth it. Izzy is now almost three, and she is such incredible fun.

Grandpa knew

Our family also experienced a loss a few months ago. Izzy’s grandpa, Alex’s dad, died suddenly in July. He wasn’t the world’s healthiest man, but it was still a big shock.

I thought he had a few years left in him. Despite his self-proclaimed frailty, he still cycled regularly.

Like many parental and in-law relationships (and many of his relationships), my relationship with him wasn’t very straightforward. But recent times were more settled, and after Izzy arrived they became rather fun.

A few weeks before he died, we spent nearly a week at their home in Wales. They had already been looking after Izzy for a few days while we stayed in London to attend a friend’s wedding.

We told him then that we are expecting a second child. So he knew he was due to become a grandpa for a second time.

We are really glad that Izzy had that opportunity to spend that quality time with her grandpa and gaga, with happy vibes and sunny weather.


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  1. Huge congratulations, lovely news!

  2. Thanks Ashley! 🙂

  3. congrats! hopefully, no ankle problem on arrival for this one 😉

  4. Thanks Stéphanie! I’m going to be extra careful this time.

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