An unusually good experience with British Gas

A lit gas hob

Usually when people post online about customer service, it’s to report a bad experience. But I had an unusually and unexpectedly positive experience with British Gas yesterday.

We recently changed energy supplier to British Gas. Our tariff requires us to have smart meters, which is fine because we wanted them anyway.

Last year we tried to get them installed by our previous energy provider, EDF Energy. I took a day off work for it. EDF Energy’s representative provided the worst service I have ever experienced. When he arrived, he complained that he couldn’t find anywhere to park (no shit pal, we’re on a main road in Edinburgh). Then he claimed that our gas meter was too old and difficult to upgrade. When I pointed out that his company was obliged to upgrade it by 2020, he said he that someone would call to arrange another appointment. They didn’t. My complaint to EDF Energy was never addressed.

Yesterday, two very friendly and helpful British Gas engineers turned up. They cheerfully paid for parking in a pay and display spot opposite. They didn’t treat me like an idiot. They got the meters upgraded very quickly. In fact, far from being too difficult to consider doing, they said it was one of their most straightforward jobs ever. And because I happened to mention that we are planning on getting a new boiler, they booked us an appointment for a quote for one.

The difference between EDF Energy and British Gas has been stark. I have had bad experiences with each of my four previous energy suppliers. When we moved to British Gas, it was for the price. I would never have guessed they would make me happy — but they did.

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