Lake District – Day 5: Aira Force and Ullswater

This was our final day in the Lake District, so we had just a few hours to spend before we had to think about making our way back home.

This day was the first time all week we had seen a cloud in the sky. So these are not the best photos. In a way, the cloud was a welcome relief. I had got sunburn from the previous few days of unbroken sunshine. You don’t think to pack sun cream for a few days in Cumbria in February.

Aira Force

Our first port of call was Aira Force. This was my first calling point when I first visited the Lake District a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it so much that I was happy to go again.

We had a bit more time on our hands than the first time I visited, so I enjoyed exploring round the area a bit more. While Aira Force itself is a major draw, there is plenty of other stuff to see near it. There is the wooded area around Aira Beck, and the hills to the east of the beck. These hills offer fine views of Ullswater.


Aira Force

As with my first visit, it took us a long time to actually visit Aira Force itself. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you could easily miss it, mistaking one of the other nearby waterfalls for the main attraction.

Even though this was my second visit, it was no less spectacular. I would highly recommend a visit — not just for Aira Force, but for the many adventures you can take on the surrounding pathways.

One of the main pathways to Aira Force has recently been destroyed. A tree fell during bad weather, causing a landslip. It is a reminder that nature rules here. That is what makes the Lake District so great.


Having spent a good few hours around Aira Force, we were running out of time. But we took the opportunity to squeeze in one last activity, exploring the area around Ullswater.

We decided to drive round the other side of the lake, just out of curiosity. This is harder than it might sound.

Crazy road at Martindale

It is actually impossible to drive all the way around the lake. Looking at maps, it seems as though the roads have been deliberately designed this way just to prevent people using them as through roads. Roads at either side almost join, but don’t.

We didn’t quite reach the end of the road, but we traversed a fun mountain pass, stopping at Martindale. The views towards Ullswater were fantastic. But it was very cold there, so we didn’t stay long.


Grudgingly, we made our way back home. I can’t wait to go again. I don’t think you would ever get tired of the Lake District.

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