List of things Google Assistant thinks I want to do instead of make oat milk

Google Home device displaying a reminder: "Make pork me"

Occasionally I make my own oat milk. When I run out of oat milk, I ask Google Assistant to remind me later in the day to make oat milk. It normally misunderstands me. Interestingly, it misunderstands me in a variety of different ways:

  • make Hotel
  • make pork me
  • May Court
  • make autumn
  • make oats
  • make oatmeal
  • make pork
  • make water
  • make Auburn
  • pick up milk
  • make ochre
  • make buttermilk
  • make vote Milton
  • make hot milk
  • make-up milk

…and, instead of “soak some oats”:

  • sort some folks


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