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  • The UX sense of service — Carrie Neill interviewing Cyd Harrell — dscout

    This interview with the civic tech leader Cyd Harrell covers interesting ground around user experience, including: the differences between the public and private sectors making privacy a priority avoiding “attention theft”, where we bombard users with more and more notifications

    Illustration of Cyd Harrell
  • Own it! — Matt Jukes — Notbinary

    On the incredible story about Hertz suing Accenture for a failed “digital transformation project”. Alarm bells ring at the best of times when website redesigns are described as “digital transformation”. But to then completely outsource the product owner role — to the same management consultancy firm that was carrying out the redesign — underlines just […]

  • The problem with professionals

    The problem with professionals Paul Taylor argues that the professional class will bring about its own demise. He notes that organisations appear to be becoming more, not less, siloed (“whole sectors are still just talking to themselves”). Moreover, this “disconnection” is visible to the general public, who catch glimpses of this behaviour on social media. […]