Why it is always worth considering the simplest solution — even if you are Google

Google Cardboard

A couple of separate stories about Google caught my interest today.

Google Glass detail

Google Glass goes dark on its social media accounts — Reuters

Four years after unveiling its wearable glass headset, Alphabet Inc’s Google shut down several social media accounts linked to the Glass gadget, ending its push to popularize the pricey eyeglasses with consumers.

Google Glass was the ultimate wearable, and one of those moments where it looked like science fiction was coming true. But it attracted security concerns, while others felt the devices were ugly. It remained a niche product, and even the few that were interested found that it was priced out of their reach.


25 million + installs of Google Cardboard apps

Google Cardboard is literally a cardboard template that you can attach to your phone to turn it into a virtual reality viewer.

25 million + installs of Cardboard apps from Google Play (graphic from Google)

I imagine (and hope) that Google Glass will re-emerge one day. But for the time being, Cardboard’s relative success while Glass flopped shows us that it is always worth considering the simplest solution — even if you are Google.

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