Building a digital team (almost) from scratch – IWMW16 plenary session P6

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to speak to my colleagues last week at IWMW 2016, the Institutional Web Management Workshop. I have attended this conference a number of times since I first became a higher education web manager. It is always an incredibly valuable event to attend.

I will publish some further reflections on the event as a whole. But for now, here are some resources about my talk.

Speaking at IWMW was the first time I have presented to so many people — around 140 physical attendees, plus more watching online.

I also had the pleasure of speaking after my former colleague Gareth Saunders from the University of St Andrews, who is a fantastically engaging and entertaining speaker.

Our talks were quite well linked. The first section of my talk discussed my adventures creating a new team at the University of St Andrews. Gareth touched on this as part of his talk about the history of the University of St Andrews web and digital communications teams.


If you could build your digital team from scratch, how would you do it? In this session, Duncan Stephen draws on his experience of building new digital teams, having found himself doing so in two different situations at different institutions – the University of St Andrews and SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College). Duncan considers the challenges and opportunities presented by building a new team and examines the contrasts between his experiences at the two institutions.


(My talk starts at 2:30:10.)


Building a digital team (almost) from scratch – IWMW16 plenary session P6 from Duncan Stephen

Kevin Mears’s sketchnotes

One of the highlights of IWMW every year is seeing Kevin Mears’s incredible sketchnotes of each talk. I am delighted that my talk has been captured in this way.

Kevin Mears's sketchnotes of my IWMW session

Duncan Stephen – IWMW16 by mearso is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Twitter commentary

Here are some tweets about my talk that I enjoyed.

Being careful how you position your social media icons

Apparently this was the most liked tweet of the whole conference, which won me a coveted IWMW16 t-shirt!

I first wrote about the ‘WTF’ moment I had while designing a website back in 2011.

The importance of content

On being aged 30, and therefore over the hill in terms of digital

Being a one man band as a digital manager

The slow pace of change in higher education

Concurrently running projects

Developing themes of IWMW16

Thanks Martin!…

And thanks to everyone I spoke with at IWMW16. It’s always great fun and very useful to speak to colleagues and share our experiences at IWMW.

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