Nico Hülkenberg’s face

Watch Nico Hülkenberg’s face fall as Kimi Räikkönen reveals the reason he is leaving Lotus.

Kimi Raikkonen: "The reasons why I left the team is purely on the money side." Nico Hulkenberg: "WTF."

It was rumoured that Nico Hülkenberg was not paid on time by Force India. That probably factored into his decision to move to Sauber, where again he has not been paid. It can’t please him that his main option for next season, to move to Lotus, would present the same problems.

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  1. Basically, too many teams need too much money for relatively new talents like Nico to get a proper chance. There’s a reason why all the race-winning drivers started in 2007 or earlier (except Pastor Maldonado, who happens to bring half a small team’s budget with him).

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