Photo — 2018-11-17

Me and Lauren after we completed the MoRun

This time last week, I ran the Edinburgh MoRun 5k with my friend and colleague Lauren Tormey. For a few hours only, I had a moustache. Definitely not my best look!

Me and my moustache

This is the first time I’ve entered a race. To my surprise, I finished 24th out of the 293 that entered the 5k race, with a time of 24:29. Not bad! Although I rather suspect this is because the serious runners had entered the 10k race. Or perhaps it was the aerodynamic benefits of having a moustache.

The route was the main road around Arthur’s Seat — a hilly route with 106 metres of climbing. So it felt pretty good to do my fastest run of the year here, as well as getting personal best times for a mile, a kilometre and a half kilometre (on the downhill bits of course, but still…).

To step up the challenge, people are suggesting I should start doing 10k runs. I’m not sure if I’m up for running regular 50 minute sessions to train for this… but watch this space.



  1. Congratulations on the excellent running race! Also, it’s OK not to step up to 10 km if you enjoy doing 5 kms. You can do them for a while, exploring new areas in that distance (because lots of places have races that length). I’d also add that Oulton Park has an off-season running race (this year’s is December 2nd) that has several choices of length, and I think the shortest on offer is indeed 5 km.

    If you do decide to go 10 km length (to get into the Silverstone race or any other reason), stepping up gradually is perfectly fine. You will get faster with practise, and adding time on in 5-minute blocks can be a good way to build up without shocking the system (or your sense of time allocation) too much.

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