Speaking at UX Healthcare conference in April

Image promoting my talk at UX Healthcare - a composite comprising a photo of me superimposed on top the London skyline. Image contains the following text: Duncan Stephen, Principal User Experience Consultant, User Vision Topic of conversation: Avoiding hazardous situations and enhancing accessibility by analysing perception, cognition and action Speaker schedule: Friday 12 April 2024; Start from: 13:20 Location: IACEW Chartered Accountants' Hall. 1 Moorgate Pl, London EC2R 6EA, UK Book now: uxhealthcare.co

I will be speaking at the UX Healthcare conference in London on Friday 12 April.

My session will be about Perception–Cognition–Action analysis. This is a usability engineering approach that improves outcomes in healthcare products by establishing the root causes of potentially hazardous situations.

It is not the most well-known usability technique. But it has strong credentials. It is part of an international standard, and is recommended by regulators across the world as a way of safely designing medical systems. We have used this approach in some of our client work at User Vision when working with a manufacturer of medical devices.

My talk will also explore the parallels between this technique and core accessibility principles.

Conference details

UX Healthcare


Thursday 11 April and Friday 12 April


ICAEW Chartered Accountants’ Hall
1 Moorgate Place


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